Friends of Skrei

We invite you to become our friend, and in return, we will take you on our journey of exploring skrei in the past, present and future.

What it means to become a Friend of Skrei

  • You care about the past, present and future of Arctic CodArctic cod.
  • You become part of a network. This will open up new opportunities. You might be invited by other friends and members of Skrei to create collaborations, to discuss ideas and projects; or you can initiate such collaborations.  
  • You see the potential in establishing new opportunities such as tourist routes or cultural events, to carry on developing new knowledge through art and creativity, and to rewrite history in a collective and participative way.
  • You are an ambassador for the project, and help us grow our followers. We ask you to invite people to take part and to contribute. We will invite you to submit ideas and contribute to events that are held as part of the project.  
  • You recognise that you, your network and knowledge are valuable to the project because they represent a chance to learn and develop an inter-cultural dialogue.

How to become a Friend

  • Please fill in the section below and give consent for this information to be shared on the map of our digital project archive.
  • Please read and accept our conditions. We will store your data according to the GDPR.

If you would like to discuss your participation in the Friends of Skrei feel free to get in touch with Anna Vermehren, Project Manager, Museum Nord.

Friends of Skrei


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