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The skrei quality label

The quality label is a guarantee to the buyer that the Skrei meets the high-quality requirements imposed by Norwegian seafood industry.

The Skrei quality label is managed and protected by the Norwegian Seafood Council. Any company that labels and sells Skrei under this label is responsible for ensuring that all requirements are met and that all links in the value chain are responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the product until it reaches the consumer.

Only sexually mature Norwegian Arctic cod (Gadus morhua) may bear the skrei quality label. The fish must have a minimum round weight of 3kg, not be fed and wild-caught from 1st January to 30th April in the natural spawning areas for skrei within the Norwegian economic zone.

Some of the standards: the skrei must have all guts and blood quickly removed after catch, it must be stored at cold temperatures, it must be cut with smooth and fine cuts, must be unblemished and without injuries to the skin or flesh, it must be packed correctly and many other criteria.

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