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The future of Trade


Stockfish has been traded since the middle ages. Today it has become a widely accessible product throughout different time periods in Europe and beyond. Stockfish is an example of a sustainable good that is regionally valued at its origin and beyond the Nordics where it is mainly consumed. Trade plays an important part in this process. We looked for ideas and actions to see how history can inspire new research and innovation in the ways we trade.

Programme of the talk

Three international speakers looked at the stockfish trade between the past, the present and the future. We discussed what stockfish trade meant for the Hanse, the main issues and problems in trading stockfish (and other codfish productions) in the present and how can we imagine alternative forms of trade for the future. Lisa Collison from the University of Aberdeen (UK) moderated the talk.

  • Angela Huang, European Hansemuseum EHM, Germany
  • Trym Eidem Gundersen, Norwegian Seafood Council, (Norway – Italy)
  • Alexandra Geldenhuys, New Dawn Traders, (UK)

These talks will be part of the Nordic Talks, which address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through current affairs that capture the essence of Nordic themes and issues. It is a branded talk-concept designed to spark global conversations that matter.

Organised by Museum Nord, funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers and with the support of the European Hansemuseum.

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