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Skrei mølje

Mølje is a classic in the traditions bound to the annual skrei fishing. The dish consists of cod fish, cod liver and roe. The fresh fish that is pulled up in the time period between the start of February until mid-March, is excellent as the roe is as its best.

In the traditional method of cooking mølje, all the ingredients are cooked in the same water. One start cooking the roe and the potatoes, and when the roe is close to finish, add liver and cod. Today many prefer to use separate saucepans to cook the cod, liver, roe and potatoes in.

It is quite a nutritious meal of protein and fat, and strengthening for hardworking fishermen. Today mølje is both a popular meal in home cooking and in social gatherings when in season. Many prefer a taste of aquavit to this meal accompanied by beer. Traditional flatbread is of course mandatory!


1 kg skrei
1 roe
2-3 liver
800 g potatoes
4-5 carrots
1 onion
Black pepper
Bay leaf
Vinegar (lemon or other sour ingredient)


Wash and rinse the roe in water that is added vinegar. Set the water to boil and add salt to the water when it starts to heat up. Let the roe simmer carefully in 30-45 min, dependent on how big it is. Some wrap a piece of cloth or paper around the roe to keep it firm during cooking.

Wash the liver under cold running water, peel off skin and rinse away threads. Shape them into suitably pieces and set it to boil in water. Use stock from the fish cooking separately to flavour the liver. Add chopped onion and season with pepper. The liver is brought to the boil repeatedly, three times is often preferred.

The cod can be cut into chops or sliced into fillets. Wash and rinse the fish in vinegar water. Set 2-3 l water to boil and add 4tbs salt when the water is getting warm. Then add the fish and let it reach the boil briefly. Clear the water with a spoon. Season with bay leaf, pepper and a drop of vinegar. The fish should simmer for about 20 min.

Serve immediately with boiled potatoes, carrots and flat bread on the side.

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