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A Research project by Héctor Zamora

For SKREI Artist residency, Hector Zamora developed a research project around the traditional cod drying methods, the movements and rhythms of the work of the women, the songs that animated the daily life of a hard and intense process. This first phase of the project is almost a sound journey which starts from the sound that the ropes of the cod drying rack make when the wind moves through the ropes.

During his research, Zamora collected not only the songs but also the stories of women during this seasonal work, and of the men, who were fishing on the far coast of Newfoundland for many weeks every year. Ilhavo Maritime museum and the artist, are hoping to develop a final installation at the museum, to bring together this immaterial heritage speaking about the past but also questioning how politics and economy are impacting today’s drying methods.

Secas, Research on the racks to dry and curate cod fish in the Portuguese tradition
Groenlandia, Research on the cod fishing route to West Greenland coasts

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