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Maria da Glória

Maria da Glória was built in Ílhavo in 1921, and its first name was Portugália. This small wooden cod schooner was then named Maria da Glória in 1927 when another firm acquired it.

The sinking of Maria do Gloria

In 1942, during the Second World War, the ship departed from Ílhavo to Lisbon (on May 18th) to attend the cod fishing vessels blessing. Maria da Glória was a traditional event during the Estado Novo and after the ceremonies, it sailed to the fishing banks. On June 5th when it was still on the way to the banks on the west coast of Greenland, the ship was targeted by a German U-boat. Although Portugal remained neutral during the war and the Maria da Glória was a neutral ship, the attacks persisted, leading the boat to sink while it was burning. There were only eight survivors, who were saved by the US Navy ship Sea Cloud, who took them to Boston after they receive medical assistance during 35 days. From there, four deserted, while four returned to Portugal on board the Portuguese liner Nyassa. After this event, the State ordered that for the 1943 campaign, all the schooners hulls were to be painted white, as a clear sign of neutrality.

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