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il baccalà by nino ferrer

Nino Ferrer was an Italian-born French singer-songwriter and author. He was an anthropologist and ethnologist, and he experimented different arts form and practices. He begun to be very successful in Italy in the 1960s with songs which seemed light and easy but they try to talk about important social and political themes. In 1969 he dedicated a song to the codfish and how it played an important role in the everyday cuisine of the Italy of the time.


Il parmigiano
lo zafferano
la mozzarella
e la cannella
la pasta al pesto
il pollo arrosto
il baccalà
Ma abbiam trovato la pioggia ed ora viene il bello
avevamo dimenticato l’ombrello!!
e siam scappati coi pacchi, la borsa, il cestino e con Mammà
Siamo tornati
a mangiare in città
i panini, il gelato,
le bistecche, il pesto, il baccalà!
Parmesan cheese
and cinnamon
pasta with pesto
the roasted chicken
the baccalà
But we found the rain and now the best part comes
we had forgotten the umbrella !!
and we ran away with the packages, the bag, the basket and with Mama
We're back
to eat in the city
sandwiches, ice cream,
the steaks, the pesto, the baccalà!

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