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How cod can empower communities?


Dr. Dele Raheem, Senior Researcher at Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, Finland, shares some reflections on how cod can empower coastal communities

There is an interest to expand aquaculture in the Arctic region to promote food security and food sovereignty. An initiative such as the SKREI convention project is an important avenue to achieve this as it will help to enhance a viable economy and maintain the biodiversity of
aquatic species in the region.
In academic fora, there is a debate on which is most important – food security or food sovereignty? Depending on how definitions are interpreted, food sovereignty seems to be more appropriate for local communities.
Considering the future impacts of climate change on Arctic cod population in a high emission scenario, it will be important to improve preservation techniques of Arctic cod by combining both traditional and scientific knowledge. Creative ideas to add value and promote the use of nutritious foods from Arctic cod will be innovative in feeding the world. In addition,
digitalisation as a tool can be used to enhance the consumer experience, marketing and future export-oriented opportunities for the Arctic cod. An important question for all stakeholders in the future of Arctic cod is:
What important steps can be taken to ensure food sovereignty for the producers of cod in a complex global market?

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