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Confraria Gastronomica do Bacalhau

The Brotherhood was founded on January 20, 1999, in Ílhavo. It was created from the will of a group of friends who regularly gathered to talk about any issue regarding codfish, while having cod as a mandatory dish. They decided to make the group officially recognized and they become a brotherhood. In recognition to all those who participated in the great cod fishing epic, the name of “Confraria Gastronómica do Bacalhau” was approved. The members also started to wear a cloak and, a pendant in the shape of an anchor with an encrusted cod, with a yellow and purple ribbon long necklace. Purple and yellow are colors of the municipality of Ílhavo.

The aim of the Brotherhood is the one to preserve the traditional recipes of codfish, sharing the history of cod fishing and ensuring that this heritage is known to future generations.

The Brotherhood is today composed by dozens of members who promote and participate in various initiatives such as the main Portuguese and Galician Gastronomic Fairs, where they strongly disseminate cod-based recipes. However, the biggest festival organised by the Brotherhood is in Ílhavo. Each year, in August, the Brotherhood along with the Municipality, organises the “Codfish Festival”, a five-day event that attracts thousands of people to taste dozens of codfish dishes.  

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