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Codfish and Sustainable Communities


Codfish fishing and processing is a powerful example of a food system that allows us to reflect on marine resource management, environmental concerns and distribution of food. With this talk, we want to highlight innovative food systems and create a space for ideas that inspire actions for a more regenerative future and sustainable communities.

Programme of the talk

Three international speakers will present their research on codfish and food sovereignty. The talk will be moderated by Lucy Harland, journalist and curator from the UK.

Dr Bamidele Raheem – Senior Researcher at the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland (Finland).

Johana-Evelyn Montalvan Castilla – Doctoral researcher at University of Stavanger, and educational consultant and coach, (Peru – Norway)

Elia Nurvista – Artist (Indonesia)

Funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers these talks will be part of the Nordic Talks. The Nordic Talks address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through current affairs that capture the essence of Nordic themes and issues. It is a branded talk-concept designed to spark global conversations that matter.

Organised by Museum Nord and supported by The Nordic Council of Ministers

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