On the 11th of October 2019, SKREI artists in residence from Norway, Portugal and Italy, along with cultural practitioners and local cultural institutions came together in Melbu for an Artist Colloquium. Hosted by Nordland Akademi the day was spent to reflect on the SKREI Convention residencies, discussing how artistic/creative interventions can influence cultural programming and policy development. Through workshops and site visits to the Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum and Neumann Resturant, the group also discussed the role of cultural institutions to initiate change and attempted to develop a form of Manifesto for practitioners and institutions working with Art, Food and Politics.

These are some of the action points identified by the group:

  • We should create more situations that are outwith normal expectations. This is where food and artworks particularly well as it foster discussion.
  • Creating and celebrating rituals brings people together and creates a meaningful culture. Art and food have the power to do so.
  • We should create and support more networks and collaborations between organisations, producers and practitioners. Working through processes together in different work areas or sectors open minds.
  • We should push for a better academic discourse around food, art and politics. This is currently lacking.
  • Challenging policy is excellent if one knows how to and fully understands the issue. Grassroots activity is equally valuable – change people and policy will follow eventually.

Some Photos by Odd Johann Forsnes of the Artists Colloquium