About the project

Who we are

Skrei Convention is a project which re-imagines the historic trade routes of dried and salted codfish from the North of Norway to the Baltic Sea as far as Germany, the UK, Italy and Portugal. Funded by Creative Europe, Skrei Convention is part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 programme. Partners are CERS Italia, the Ílhavo Maritime Museum and Museum Nord.

Skrei Convention is currently building a new rich knowledge environment with the development of Skrei.Net, a multimedia interactive archive which aims to create the largest collection of resources on the history, trade routes and uses of Arctic Cod.

The project will see the involvement of three international artists working alongside local communities, to collect and explore historical, political, economic or sociological perspectives on Arctic Cod.

We will gather together at the end of project and present in the final symposium a collective version of the Arctic Cod history, with new findings, ideas and collaborations.

What we believe in

  • Europe’s Cultural heritage is a shared resource that should be open and accessible.
  • Creativity has the potential to draw people together and to rewrite history.
  • Transnational mobility and inter-cultural dialogue are the fundamentals of our learning process.
  • European Cultural diversity is a source of inspiration, which can lead to collaboration, innovation and exchange.
  • There is a common European culture, and we value initiatives which promote and support the development of a sense of belonging to European culture.
  • We believe in participation, where people collectively can become co-authors of history and co-creators of their own heritage.

AIMS of Skrei Convention project :

  • Create a share collection of European history
  • Develop a unique transnational platform, which promotes participation and interaction
  • Develop and share new ways of working
  • Grow our audiences and networks